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Who should I choose to officiate our wedding ceremony?

Many couples have a friend or family member that have been ordained online to officiate the ceremony.  Please keep in mind that you will need a fully legally ordained minister, ordained by a real church or religious denomination to officiate your ceremony.  I fulfill the requirements for being a fully legally ordained minister.  (This does not mean that you have to have a religious ceremony).   

My word of advice is to hire a professional wedding officiant (with experience) that specializes in weddings.  Do not let the price of a professional wedding officiant stand in the way of having the ceremony that you have always envisioned.  Cheaper is not always better. If a person is charging a super low fee, there is a reason. You want your wedding officiant to be professionally dressed and to speak well during your ceremony.  Do not short change yourself on this important part of your ceremony

What does Always Faithful Wedding Service charge?

Each wedding is very different.  Fees are based on your needs and the location of the wedding.  I will be happy to give you a no obligation quote based on the information you provide. Please keep in mind that the wedding officiant is the one vendor required at your wedding for your marriage to be legal.

My fee covers the following


  • Unlimited Correspondence (Meeting you in person, Text, Messenger, Email, Phone, Facetime, or Video Chat)

  • Several sets of wedding ceremonies (after a contract is signed and a deposit is secure) are forwarded to you to cut, paste and add.  If you do not find any to your liking, one is specifically written for you

  • Travel Location (roundtrip distance) of the ceremony

  • Arrive 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to ceremony (Check in with all parties)

  • Officiating ceremony

  • Secure witness signatures

  • Return marriage license upon next business day by mail or if in Onslow County I return personally.

**Backup officiant in case of emergency 


**I do not charge to bless the meal when invited to stay for the wedding dinner.


If you have a professional wedding coordinator or someone you have delegated to conduct the rehearsal, I may not be needed. I leave that up to you and the wedding coordinator to decide.  If you do not have anyone to conduct the rehearsal, I am often secured to do so and base my fee accordingly. 

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